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Thermography is the science of detecting and recording electromagnetic energy also known as thermal imaging, or infrared radiation.  This technology has been used in heat seeking missiles and night vision equipment.  It can also be used to detect temperature variations in electrical and mechanical equipment.  

United Power Services, Inc. conducts infrared thermography with the FLIR P60 series infrared camera  and ThermaCam Reporter Pro 2000 software.  Our certified technicians can identify areas of increased heat in equipment that may be the first warning signs of a potential problem.  

During an infrared scan the equipment does not have to be removed from service.  In fact, it is preferable for the equipment to be operating at near full-load capacity so the severity of the finding can be measured with greater accuracy. An infrared survey from UPSI is a valuable tool in preventing power outages, rectifying safety issues, and avoiding catastrophic failures.

Examples of types of equipment that benefit from infrared surveys are:

Electrical switchgear, breakers, buss connections, and contacts
Transformer connections
Compressor heads
Motor and generator connections, windings, feeders and excitors
Friction in drive gears and drive belts
Infrared Sample Photos


The photos show how infrared can detect a "hot spot" that cannot be seen by the naked eye.   A temperature variation as shown on the left item may result from loose connections, overloads, improper installation, or even normal wear and tear.

Each report includes a color photo identifying each problem area by it's specific location, individual component, and severity rating.  Also included is one infrared photo showing the temperature rise (intensity and contrast have been adjusted for condition and scale for photography) obtained from our FLIR ThermaCam infrared equipment.

Sample Infrared Report

Click the link below to view a sample report.  This report is representative of what a client receives as part of a Thermographic Survey provided by UPSI.

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these samples.  Click here to download your free copy. 

Click Here to See Sample Infrared Report
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